Patient Resources

Direct Access:

Did you know that Idaho is considered a “direct access” state? What does this mean for you as a consumer of healthcare? By state law this means:

Treatment Without Referral
Majority of health insurances allow for you, the consumer, to seek care without needing a referral from your family doctor. Research has shown, for musculoskeletal conditions, seeking care directly from a physical therapist can potentially save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary bills such as: medication, imaging, and several visits to the doctor.
Choosing Your Provider
You are free to choose any physical therapist of your choice. Today’s healthcare requires individuals to take an active part in managing their care. The ability to choose a provider grants you greater control of your care. Your doctor may suggest a PT practice and you have the right to decline and choose a PT that you feel will best suit your needs.
Special Considerations
Some insurances still require a referral or prescription prior to receiving physical therapy services. As a courtesy, we can look up your insurance requirements and physical therapy benefits.

Insurance and Billing

We are preferred providers with most health insurance companies with a few exceptions. If you are unsure what your physical therapy benefits include, as a complimentary service we can find out that information.

What if I don’t have health insurance, or my insurance is out-of-network?

We offer affordable, alternative payment options to accommodate those who do not have health insurance or are considered out-of-network. We offer several payment models to fit your needs, and often times it will save you money. If you want more information on our alternative payment models contact us via phone or email.

Insurance verification

Prior to your first visit, we will ask for your insurance information in order to verify your benefits. We will review this information with you when you arrive for that first visit to ensure that you understand your physical therapy benefits. We encourage everyone to also call their insurance company to gain a better understanding of their healthcare coverage prior to starting treatment. Here are a few questions you may want to ask your insurance company:

  • Does my health insurance require a referral?
  • What is my deductible and out-of-pocket per calendar year?
  • How much of my deductible has been met?
  • Do I have any co-pays? What is my co-insurance coverage?
  • How many visits does my insurance allow for physical therapy per year?